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Reliable Source for Battery Services in Cobourg

Contact Kawartha Battery Sales And Service for quality battery service and installation in Cobourg, Peterborough, and Lindsay. Our team is proud to provide services to both our agricultural and commercial clients. We specialize in generators and batteries for cars, trucks, farm and commercial equipment, marine vehicles, golf carts, wheelchairs, scooters, and more. We also stock a complete line of terminals and cables. If you’re looking for free testing services, we can provide you with that too. Talk to us today to learn more about our battery services.

Our Products and Services

You can also count on us for the following products and services:

 Battery storage retail
 Automotive batteries for trucks and cars
Golf cart batteries
 Solar batteries
 Dry cell batteries
 Standby batteries
Lift Truck batteries
All types of chains for tractors and trucks
Diesel, gas, propane, generators, and invertors
GenerLink transfer switchs 

While we also recycle solar batteries and offer delivery services for our precious clients, we pay money for your scrap batteries. So, what are you waiting for? Exchange your scrap batteries now! For more information, call us.

Crown Battery: Powerful Performance, Great Battery Life!

Get quality Crown batteries installed by our experts. These batteries are made using high-quality raw material and undergo various tests to prove their value. Engineered with perfection, Crown batteries are the right choice for you.

Generators, Batteries, and Scrap Recycling

Get rid of your old vehicle and equipment batteries with our recycling services.

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